What to do in winter in Switzerland.

Que faire en hiver en Suisse
Que faire en hiver en Suisse

We have prepared a list of favourite winter activities in Switzerland because many of clients of CARBONIE MOVERS and our friends were asking for ideas of winter activities in Switzerland. It will be interesting to read for people who has just moved to Switzerland and also for people who has been living in Switzerland for a while.

Visit the thermal springs.

Just imagine, you will swim in the open air and you will enjoy the view of snow-capped mountains. It is absolutely unforgettable!

Go for sky or for snowboarding.

Switzerland is the most well-known sky resort in the world! The slopes are the best here! Once after climbing the mountain in a sky resort Nendaz I told: “Now I know how the heaven looks like!”

Check the ranking of sky resorts here.

Go for sledging.

If you are not a skier or snowboarder, do not worry! There is a nice activity for you as well. You can go for sledging almost at each sky resort.

Go for skating.

An ice rink is one of the favourite place not only for children but for adults as well. In Switzerland there are many permanent open-air and closed ice rinks and on top of it they install temporary ice rinks in 1-2 days. So, you can find one almost in each city. The price of entrance in about 7 CHF.

The list of ice rinks in Lausanne you can find here. To search for an ice rink just type in Google “Ice rink in … “.

Visit sky world cup.

If sky is not your cup of tea, you can just watch it. There are many competitions in Switzerland. And it is possible that after watching professionals skying you will be so much inspired that you would like to try this difficult but really beautiful sport yourself.




FIS SKI WORLD CUP. Похожие мероприятия ищи здесь.

Eat some fondue.

Fondue it is kind of ceremony in Switzerland. Usually this dish people eat in a restaurant or at home with their good friends. You dip potatoes or bread in a hot cheese and eat it with a nice glass of a white vine. Ti be honest, you can get tipsy quite fast but who cares because at the end it is a big fun!

Cafeduvoyage - Dish fondue

Cafeduvoyage – Dish fondue

Search the place where to eat fondue through time-out.

Eat some raclette.

Raclette is also very traditional winter dish in Switzerland and it is as favourite as cheese fondue. The difference is that instead of a big cheese bowl everyone has small frying-pan which gets worm on an electric oven which is called raclette oven. And after you put malted cheese above potatoes or different marinade vegetables like gherkin, young corn, young head of onion and other snack. This dish also goes well with a glass of white vine.

Search where to eat a nice raclette in Zurich on Yelp. Check for some recommendations where to eat a good raclette in Geneva on English Forum.

Visit carnival.

I thought carnivals in Switzerland happen only on spring or summer but apparently there are many winter carnivals as well. For example, there is one very colourful carnival in Bern which takes place on February (11.02.16 – 13.02.16). The dates can slightly change depending on the year but it is always on February. To be sure you can check it here before going. There is also a carnival in Basel (15.02.16 – 17.02.16) which takes place on February and carnival in Lucern (04.02. – 09.02.2016).

Stmarys-Ca - Carnival in Lucern

Stmarys-Ca – Carnival in Lucern

Visit some concerts or festivals.

A good idea can be to go to MONTREUX COMEDY FESTIVAL.

Here is a timetable:

  • Wed, Dec 2, 2015 – Mon, Dec 7, 2015
    every Mo, Th, Fr, Sa, Su
  • Thu, Dec 1, 2016 – Mon, Dec 5, 2016
    every Mo, Th, Fr, Sa, Su

As well there is a Russian singer Leonid Agutin which will visit Montreux 12.12.2015. The organiser of this event is Riviera Russe.

Similar events you can find here.

Visit a Christmas market.

And for sure one of the most exciting and favourite things to do is a Christmas market. You can find them almost in each city. There you can buy some souvenirs or Christmas presents, drink some hot vine or some delicious tea with a special Christmas recipe. As well you can eat some pancakes with chocolate or sugar or you can eat some chestnuts. Apart the food you can ride on the carousel, make a wish, write it on a piece of paper and after hang it on a Christmas tree.

Avanswiss - Christmas market in Montreux

Avanswiss – Christmas market in Montreux

Here you can find a timetable of all Christmas markets in Switzerland.

What is about you? What do you like to do during winter in Switzerland. Can you share some ideas?

By the way, if you are planning to move to Switzerland or within Switzerland, you can order a free moving quote from CARBONIE MOVERS. Just fill up the yellow form.

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