What you need to know before moving to Geneva

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We will never stop repeating: a good organisation is the key to a successful move to Geneva. In this article, we guide you through the 4 main measures to take before your settling in Geneva.  

  • Inform the institutions about your move to Geneva

For every move in Geneva, you have to inform certain public institutions: 

  • The Department of Civil Status on 37 Rue de la Mairie: you will obtain a certificate of departure if you leave Geneva or a certificate of residence if you settle there. For foreigners, the Cantonal Office of Population and Migration is the competent service. You will find its local on 88 Rue de Chancy, in Onex.
  • The Geneva Industrial Service (GIS) to subscribe or cancel the electricity contract, water, gas and internet. Go to 2 Chemin du Château-Bloch in Le Lignon for more information.
  • The cantonal tax office located on 26 rue du Stand to regularize your taxes.
  • All institutions in Geneva with which you subscribe subscriptions (insurance, telephone operator, etc.)
  • Take a day off

The Code of Obligations, in its article 329 paragraph 3 on employment contracts grants you one or more leaves for your move to Geneva. Also, take the time to inform your employer in advance.

  • Provide a way to get rid of bulky items

If you have a piece of furniture or appliances that you no longer hold, know that you can get rid of it for free by calling the Geneva Clean Road Service City whose office is located on 10 Rue Francois-Dussaud, Les Acacias.

Either you book by phone on 0800 22 42 22 (free line), Monday to Friday during office hours; or you make all steps online by completing a form.

  • Make the necessary arrangements for your motorized vehicles

When you move to Geneva, think about going to the cantonal office of vehicles which will determine whether to change your registration or not. You can go directly to this institution headquarter on 86 Route de Veyrier.

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